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Work From The Basics Up : Golf Tips For Beginners

One of the most important golf tips for beginners I can give initially is to learn the basics of golf. There is really no point in just turning up at your local municipal course and hacking a ball around with the vague hope that it might eventually end up in the hole. All you will end up doing is embarrassing yourself and really annoying the more experienced and knowledgeable golfers around you. You will also gain no satisfaction from the experience and will probably never try it again. The following golf tips for beginners will give you a fantastic base to work from.

  • Firstly, do not even think about going onto a golf course until a professional golfer can step you through the basics of how to address the golf ball, how to grip a golf club, the basics of the golf stance and how to swing a golf club correctly. Some ask where to get golf lessons for beginners and these are readily accessible via the professionals at driving ranges.
  • Secondly although maybe controversial is to learn how to putt well seeing as the whole aim of the game is to get the ball in the hole. In one way, you are learning golf backwards, from the putt to the drive. There is a great discussion going on in the golf world regarding this point but it does work well for some.
  • Next, make sure that you have the right golf equipment. Your clubs need to be right for you so don`t just go out and use a set given to you by your father. These needn`t be expensive and great advice can be sought through the internet and where you can also get hold of an invaluable golf training program.

In conclusion, it is crucial to have the golf rules explained to you and also the various etiquettes of golf whether these be your conduct on the course or what you wear. Your basic knowledge and understanding can easily be challenged via a golf rules test. Here are a number of things to think about and more importantly understand.

• Equipment, including maximum number of clubs, having enough golf balls and tees. Make sure you have a ball marker and a pitch mark repairer. Never be late for a tee time if you have one booked. Make sure you adhere to the dress code and look the part. Make sure you give the necessary honours on the tee and play a ball from where it lies. Always keep up with the group ahead of you and avoid slow play. Most importantly of all, understand course care and safety. We all want to enjoy our round in a safe environment and leave the course in a condition we would expect to find it in.

By following these great golf tips for beginners, you will be better prepared for the journey ahead. There is so much to learn in the great game of golf and if you are enthusiastic about learning how to play golf, it can be a truly rewarding experience. Don’t be intimidated or put off as everybody has to start somewhere.

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