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The Basics of the Golf Game

Golf is a fairly old game, which involves using a club and a ball to sink the ball into a hole. While a lot of historians credit Scotland as the place where the modern game originated, there are many different games that can be traced to China as well as Europe which are highly similar to it. The requirements of a full game are the course on which people play on, balls, clubs and holes to sink the balls into.
The game starts with an individual or a group of two or more following the numbers of the holes in a given order. The object of the game is to sink a particular ball into a specific hole. A full course has 18 holes but there are also some courses that only have nine holes. Players or golfers can play a round of golf or half of it by playing eighteen holes or nine holes respectively. Each hole is initiated by hitting a ball placed on top of a tee (a small wooden peg that has a shallow cuplike top and a sharp point for burrowing into the ground) from the teeing ground. The use of the small wooden peg or the tee is to eliminate interference from the grass and other disturbances from the teeing ground. From this point, up until the ball is sunk into each respective hole, a tee is no longer used.
Some Rules of the Game:
The rules of the game are outlined in a rulebook that is usually updated by the organizations that govern the game. These rules govern the players and the ways that they play the course. There are rules pertaining to the instruments and tools that are used to play the game such as the balls and the clubs. These need to conform to the standard that has been set by the international associations that govern the game of golf. There are rules that specifically state the number of clubs that can be carried by a single player as well as the number of clubs that a combination of players might carry if they are sharing the clubs. Rules that apply to the balls that are used for each game can be about the state or condition of the all that is being used or will be used. There are also some rules about lifting or moving the ball during the game.
There are also some rules regarding the conduct of the players while playing a round of golf. It is considered a gentlemanly game; therefore, players are expected to act this way. The order of play should always be established before the game is supposed to start. This way, there is no confusion regarding who goes first and who follows. The order is to be followed until the game is finished unless something happens to disrupt this order. The ball is to be played as it lies. This means that wherever it lands, the player should play it unless otherwise stated by the rules.

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