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Beginners Golf Tips To Reduce Handicaps

Okay my friend in golf. So you have decided to take up the game of golf. That’s wonderful! Now I will ask you. “Do you know what you are letting yourself in for, Have you any idea of the anger, the passion, the frustration and the amazing exhilaration that comes with the game of golf.

If you do and you are prepared to inflict all this on yourself then welcome to the most wonderful game in the world. Now read on.

Most good golfers have no problem in giving beginners golf tips to help lower their handicap, and that’s fine. But there is an inherent danger one must watch out for when taking this advice, and that is procuring some of the bad habits that these people have developed over their playing years.

I do not say this lightly, people give advice with the greatest of intentions, but it can fall very short of the advice a professional coach can give you.

Now I know professional coaching can work out expensive, and if you can afford to buy some lessons then do it, because it is a great way to start. But there is another way, and it is through E Books which are specially designed and filled with simple step by step golfing tips for beginners. And the major benefit of this is, it is there for you at your every beck and call, and you know it has been designed by a professional golfer. This can be a great way to start.

beginners golf tips are essential, but you must first understand what the game of golf is all about. So read on and I will give you a few pointers.

Number one is developing a strategy. It is vitally important that you approach every game where ever you are playing either in your local club or away in a friends club. Strategy is your number one key.

Remember you are not playing against an opponent, you are playing against the golf course. This is your adversary. Learn about the course and then you work out a strategy on how to play the course. Once you have studied, the lay up areas, the contours on the greens, where the hazards are, only then can you plan your strategy for beating the course. Most decent clubs will have a map either on the back of your score card or on a separate card. Ask in the pro shop for this.

Another great beginners golf tip is learning how to focus. Right from the moment you step into the clubhouse you should be focusing on how you are going to play your game.

All your thoughts should be on lowering your handicap and improving your game. You should be preparing your warm up drills in your mind. Warm up drills are vital in every sport and golf is no exception. The correct drills can also be obtained from the E Book method of learning.

The next stage is discipline. Remember at the start I said golf can be very frustrating, well this is where your discipline comes into play. If you set your practice times that suit your schedule then you must keep to them. Your practice must be disciplined and whatever programme you have set aside to give you the time to practice then you must stick to this and do all the techniques you have listed to do at that particular session. This is the true path to becoming a low handicapper.

Like I said earlier, beginners golf tips are great, just make sure they are from a professional source.

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