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6 Proven Golfing Tips for Chipping Success

If you want to lower your golf score, you’ll want all the golf chipping tips you can get.

Well, at least those that have been proven to improve your scoring. Here are some basic golf chipping tips to get your ball closer to the hole and lower that score.

1) When you chip the ball a short distance, your stance has to change. The club you use (anywhere from a five to a nine iron or pitching wedge) is much shorter than a driver. Which means your hands will be closer to the ground. For close-up chips, you’ll want to choke-up on the club (that is to say, you’ll want to position your hands lower on the grip, closer to the steel of the club shaft).

2) While you’re in this lower position, make sure that your knees and hips do the bending and your back remains straight. Hunching over the ball by lowering your shoulders will hurt your shot. And keep your feet closer to the ball than you would during a traditional drive. You’ll find this is more comfortable and produces better results.

3) With a shorter club, you are likely to “top” the ball while chipping. The ball ends up skidding across the grass rather than producing the “pop-fly” effect you want. It’s important to get under the ball while chipping and produce a good divot. Key chipping tip: Look two inches behind the ball while chipping to reduce your chances of topping the ball.

4) The key to a good chip is accuracy. You want to have as much control over the ball as possible. The key here is to start by shifting your weight to the your left side. A chip will be more controlled without as much power behind it.

5) For better accuracy, understand this critical golf chipping tip. You want to get the ball landed and rolling on the green as soon as possible. Shooting for the center of the green might get you there, but the ball may roll off with the momentum of the shot.

6) The chip should be a relaxed shot. Make sure your backswing and the follow-through are slow and easy. For particularly close-range shots, sometimes the momentum of the club’s weight is all the swing needs.

The great thing about practicing the golf chipping tips is that you don’t need to go the driving range. Your backyard is plenty big enough to brush up on your technique. So get started, and remember: practice makes perfect.

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